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Becoming An Alpha Male

Becoming an alpha male is becoming the man that gets the most girls. Some men are lucky enough to have a natural ability to attract any woman they want because of the way they behave around women. This is something that you can learn with the right teaching. This page is just touches on a few things that you can do to become an alpha male.

Be cool

Alpha males are always cool and relaxed around women. This attracts them as they don't like men who fuss around them and look desperate. If your out with friends be the one that is interested without showing too much interest. You will then become the one that she is interested in.

Be in control

Being in control turns a woman on. If you're going out for a meal, you say where you're going. women don't want a man who says "where do you want to go for a meal?" This puts them in control, and then you lose the control as well as your respect. Once this is lost soon the attraction goes with it.

Don't be too desperate

Don look desperate and keep phoning your date up. Absence makes the heart grow fonder, and not contacting her will make her think about you. When you do phone her up don't arrange a date on the first phone call, this will make her feel in control again. You need to let her feel as if you don't need the next date.

If she suggests a time for the next date tell her you're too busy, then you suggest a time, this puts you back in control, and her attraction for you will be heightened.

Want more advice?

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