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Being Confident Around Women

by Paul Smith

For many guys it is not easy being confident around women. They feel shy to face them. So you're shy around girls. Shyness around girls is common for many guys. But, you have nothing to fear. Girls don't bite, well, at least most of them don't. Just remember they are human beings, just like you. Here are some tips for shy people.

Many men view women as almost goddesses, but they are humans that eat and sleep just like you. View them as ordinary people.

Try to be around girls as much as possible. Practice makes perfect. Start up conversations about simple things and just talk to them. If you say something stupid, it's okay. They probably won't even remember what you said the next day. You will never become more comfortable around girls if you don't spend time around them.

Use your friends as buffers; if they're going somewhere with girls, tag along (not on dates, unless it is a group date). If it doesn't feel comfortable only because you are shy around girls, go anyway.

Get girls' phone numbers, e-mail addresses, or screen names. Don't make it seem like you're asking them out though, unless that is your intention. It might be easier to start talking to girls if you're not face-to-face.

If you are insecure about your speaking skills, talk as much as possible during the day.It will be weird at first, but you will get used to it.

Remember that you probably already are comfortable talking around girls. Mothers and sisters are girls too! Just talk to other girls with the same confidence you talk to family members with.

Just relax. Don't worry about blushing or sweating. Take it easy and try to be yourself.

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