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Bournemouth Speed Dating

Realize your potential with Bournemouth speed Dating.

Date up to 20 active Bournemouth singles in one evening of fun and flirting.

Speed dating events are what the hosts below are good at. Just what you need if you want to leave with a date.

Xfactor Dates

Xfactor Dates host parties at...

Bar So

Bar So has three levels, each with a different bar and atmosphere. Xfactor Dates hire out the private Dome bar for their Speed dating events in Bournemouth.

It has become one of the most cosmopolitan bars in Bournemouth. Quality, relaxing meals and some lively pre-club drinking make this an excellent venue for all your dating needs.

Location - Royal Exeter Hotel Exeter Road.

Xfactor Dates choice of venue for their Speed dating events in Bournemouth are as always, a good one... Xfactor Dates review

Slow Dating

Slow Dating host their parties at...


Klute is a fitting venue for your Bournemouth Speed dating. A relaxed atmosphere where the seating and booths offer intimacy and privacy.

With secured drinks offers as well to add to the atmosphere, both the ladies and gents will enjoy themselves more than usual.

Location - 20 Exeter Road Bournemouth.

Slow Dating have exclusive use of this bar until 10 pm, so there will be no onlookers while you are Speed dating in Bournemouth... Slow Dating review

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