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Bristol Speed Dating

Bristol speed dating is a bit different to your usual night out at a bar or club. You will be dating up to 20 bristol singles in one night. How often does that happen?

The advice below will help you be better prepared for your night of Bristol speed dating. Although the rivalry will be friendly you will still want the hottest Bristol single in there.

How you look

You're going to get checked out as soon as you walk through the door so being well dressed is a must. Scoring early points will be in your favor, and make your dating a lot easier.

Your going to be up close to your dates as well so good personal hygiene is a must. Clean hands, hair and teeth will finish your look off nicely. A clean confident look will start your evening off perfectly.

Look relaxed

Stay relaxed during your Bristol speed dating, and you will appear far more attractive to your date sitting opposite you. This will also help you stay focused on your job in hand, which is impressing your Bristol single for that 3 minutes or more.

Being relaxed will also help you answer your questions faster, and a lot clearer. You'll arouse your date a lot more with your ability to stay calm under the pressure of their questions.

Your conversation

Having only a few minutes you will need to keep the conversation flowing. Conversation is a two way thing but if you have it all taken care off you will score points. Try not let any pauses occur with your bristol single. Having your questions ready before you go will be a big help.

Many speed daters find open ended questions are more effective as these can lead into other questions that you didn't plan on asking. This means you will have more in reserve as the time goes on.

Don't drink too much

You get a complimentary drink as you walk into your Bristol speed dating event so you won't need much before you get there. Trying to date someone after too much to drink won't help you.

No one wants to be asked questions by someone who clearly has had too much to drink. If you feel like you'll be a bit nervous then a couple will help you, but try and stick to a couple.

Enjoy yourself

As well as meeting someone nice the other aim of your night out is to enjoy yourself. Do this, and your dates will enjoy themselves as well, and it is another thing that will make you look more attractive to them.

Contacting your matches

You'll find out who you have matched with the next day at the latest. You'll want to contact anyone you've matched with, that you liked, as soon as possible. You can start arranging that second date then before anyone else does.

Good luck with your Bristol speed dating

The better prepared you are the more you will enjoy your Bristol speed dating. And the more you enjoy your speed dating the more rewarding it will be for you.

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