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Canadian Dating Reviews

Below are reviews of Canadian dating services that specialize in bringing canadians together.

Although these services are primarily for Canadian singles you will get singles from all over the world as members.

Meet thousands of Canadian singles is the most popular online dating service primarily for Canadian singles. Although you will see that the service is popular worldwide.

Owned by the Sparks network of internet dating web sites it has quality as well as popularity.

Free trial period

It will take you less than 10 minutes to create your basic profile. This will allow you to start your free trial which gives you added benefits of... review



Thousands of Canadian Singles

Canadian is a Canadian online dating web site bringing together Canadian singles from all regions and provinces... Canadian review


Yahoo Personals

Yahoo Personals is an online dating service that has around 9 million members.

It's simplistic user friendly design lets you have your profile up in no time at all... Yahoo Personals

Your Canadian dating service has many features and benefits. If you can use these properly, and to your advantage, you will interact with more singles than 90% of other Canadian dating web site users.

Your Canadian dating profile photo

The first thing that will increase the amount of e-mails and messages you receive is a photo on your profile. Canadian singles get up to 15 times more messages sent to them if they have a photo on their profile.

Not only is it because singles like to see who they're contacting, but Canadian singles get the option of their search results only showing profiles with photos.

So that extra few minutes of uploading a photo will completely give you a different online dating experience. And it will be a more rewarding one.

Atract more Candidan singles with your profile contents

When you have Canadian singles clicking on your profile they will want to know a bit more about you. So giving them things of interest to read about you will get you nearer to receiving an e-mail.

You have the multiple choice questions that you answer but these are mainly for the Canadian dating service's search software. What they'll be after is what you put in the box that you can fill in yourself.

This is where you can make your profile stand out from all the others. A lot of Canadian singles will just put in the bare minimum so they can start searching the Canadian personals. All you need to do is write a little about yourself. Give the other singles information that will make them more attracted to you like...

  • Your goals in life
  • Any ambitions you have
  • Your interesting hobbies
  • Your first date venue

Once they relate to any of your profile you will get contacted. They'll want to meet you offline for a date.

You also get the opportunity to describe what you're looking for in a Canadian single. Keep everything positive, never use anything negative. Say the things that attract you to someone rather than the things that turn you off. People like to read positive things, and it will put you another step closer to the e-mail.

If you're on the verge of being contacted, and you describe the Canadian single that's reading your description, and you will get the e-mail.

Upgrade your dating service membership

Singles that use their free trial continuously at a Canadian online dating service tend to continuously stay single. With only the ability to send other singles flirts you won't get many replies. This is because most singles get flirts all the time, and they don't stand a chance against e-mails.

What would you reply to more often? A flirt, or an e-mail that has been written by someone you is genuinely looking to find romance online. An e-mail has thoughts in it that you don't get in flirts. You can prove that you have read the other single's profile, and mention something that attracted you.

A single with a nice photo will receive dozens of flirts every day, But when they see an e-mail in with them that's what will get read. They already know what a flirt is going to say so they don't need to read it.

Upgrading your membership will also give your profile some more priority in the Canadian online dating service's search results. And other Canadian singles will see that you're serious about starting a relationship online.

It's up to you

These online dating tips will help you find romance a lot sooner, and it will help the Canadian online dating service work for you. No one wants to be online dating forever. Even if it is enjoyable.

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