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Cardiff Speed Dating

Cardiff speed dating will give you a change from your usual looking for a date on your night out. You'll be meeting up to 20 Cardiff singles in one night, and how often do you get that luxury?

You will however have competition for the night so a small edge over them in preparing yourself will help you a lot. With only a few minutes to get to know someone everything will count.

How you look

If you dress to impress you'll have the perfect entrance. Everyone gets introduced at the start of the Cardiff speed dating event, so this is where everyone will get their first impressions.

A good start here will make your dating a lot easier. It will give you an extra confidence boost, and therefore make you more attractive in a speed dating situation.

Match this with your hands, hair and teeth for when your close up at the tables, and everything will start working for you.

Relax yourself

Follow your good entrance up with a relaxed look about you, and your dating will go a lot smoother. You'll stay more focused, and your questions and answers will come out a lot easier.

Your date will find this attractive if you look in control.

Your conversation

Being relaxed as well will help your conversation flow better. You only get a few minutes to find out as much as you can about your date so there's no time for any pauses in the conversation. Work out what you're going to ask your dates before you get there. This will make it far easier for you.

The general rule is ask open ended questions so you get more back from your date. This can then lead into more questions, and save the ones you had for the times that you may need them.

Don't drink too much

When you walk through the doors of your Cardiff speed dating event you'll get handed a complimentary drink. One, or two more at the most should be enough. Being drunk on the other side of the table won't impress any Cardiff singles.

If you need a couple to settle your nerves then try and stick to a couple. There'll be time after the speed dating event to have a drink.

Enjoy yourself

Along with getting a date, enjoying yourself has to be a major priority. If this is going to be your first Cardiff speed dating event that's exactly what you're going to do.

Contacting your matches

You should find out who you've matched up with the following morning. This is the time to start contacting any of the singles that you'll like to see again. Get in there first with arranging any second dates.

Good luck with your Cardiff speed dating

Your Cardiff speed dating event will go a lot smoother with your preparation. Being in the right place at the right time will help you as well.

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