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Chicago Gay Dating

Chicago gay dating online brings your dating to the comfort of home ( see reviews below ). No more hanging around clubs for the next available Gay single. With the power of the internet they are a mouse click away.

Using the Gay online dating services below will enhance your chances of online romance. You just create your free account, and then you are browsing the most eligible gay singles in Chicago.

Enjoy yourself.

Chicago Gay Dating At

Get $5, $10 or $15 off GAY.COM Personals

GAY.COM is a gay internet dating service that goes out of it's way to give you more than just dating. GAY.COM is doing it's best to bring the internet gay community into one place.

For your other enjoyment they give you...

  • News
  • Entertainment
  • Travel
  • And more

Spend 5 minutes setting up your account then you can make full use of your 7 day free trial. You get full access to this gay online dating service's benefits.

Your Chicago gay dating is taken care of here... review


Gay friendfinder

Gay Friendfinder online dating web site

User friendly and popular, Gay Friendfinder has everything you need to search for Gay singles in Chicago.

Illinois has 6,000 active gay members at Gay Friendfinder. Depending on how far you are willing to go for a date you should have plenty of gay singles within striking distance..

Trial period

Your free trial will allow to see just how many singles are in your area at this Gay online dating service. Your Gay Friendfinder's trial has no time limit and allows you to post your profile for others to view.

Make your profile as attractive as possible, and you will have the benefit of being contacted by Chicago singles before you upgrade your membership. You only need to be contacted by the right partner once for you to fall in love.

Gay Friend finder review


Out personals

Outpersonals gay online dating service

If you want your Chicago gay dating to have an adult twist then Outpersonals is for you. From Friend Finder, it is more popular probably due to the adult flavor, and a lot more sexual.

You have 37,000 active members from Illinois at Outpersonals. This will make it a lot easier to find a compatible Chicago gay single.

Trial period

Use your free trial to search through all the singles to give you some idea how many are in or near Chicago before you upgrade. You can also use the gay chat rooms during your trial.

When you upgrade to the Silver or Gold memberships you get use of features such as Outpersonals' Instant Message Center. To use this you just create a network of friends that you want to stay in contact with. This is to take your conversations away from the gay chat rooms.

Outpersonals review

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