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How To Create Your Own Dating Service

Creating your own dating service has now become so easy that you can have one created within hours. Over 98% of people who start up a dating service fail because they don't start off correctly.

Building a dating service is easy, but the traffic and money you get is very minimal. If you want to learn how to build a web site that gets traffic and earns you a good second income that will eventually overtake your income now then visit Sitesell. You'll learn how to build a successful business from the ground up. I have many extablished web sites because of what I've learnt at Sitesell.

A large database of singles

The reason all these people fail to start up their own successful dating web site is they don't have any members when they've set up their site. This starts off a long struggle to attract members when there aren't any others for them to meet. Most people will then go down the road of creating false profiles so new members think they have the chance of meeting someone when in reality they don't. It doesn't take long for them to realize this, and then the service gets a bad name and is soon closed down.

20 million members waiting for you

When you create you own online dating web site here you're brand new web site is instantly connected to a database of over 20 million members. This makes it easy for you to attract new members of your own and start getting paid. The other brilliant thing about your new site is it's free to set up. All you have to do after you have created it is start getting visitors.

Create your own online dating service here.

Get free unique content for your site

If you go to Unique Article Wizard you can sign up to receive articles sent to yo by email. You can use these unique articles to help your site rise in the search engines. Search engines love sites that are continually updated, and you can add the articles to your newly built dating service.

When you click through to the web site scroll down to the very bottom of the page. Then click on "Bloggers login," and from there you can enter your email address so you can receive articles. The articles have a resource box at the bottom where the articles will link to other sites. Search engines love this as well because your site will become a dating hub that links to other dating sites.

Have a good link exchanging strategy

Exchanging links is an important part of getting your site listed higher in the search engines. You can learn more about exchanging links, and join a link exchanging program here - Value Exchange.

How long does all this take

If you use a domain provided you can have your site up within 24 hours, and the whole process is totally free. If you choose your own domain name then the process will take a couple of days, and the domains name will cost around $10 each. If you can wait choosing your own domain will benefit you more in the long run, but you can go with one of their domains to get yourself up and running. You can create as many dating services as you want to

Getting visitors to your dating site

Getting visitors to your web site takes a bit of work, but you can make the process a whole lot easier by getting services to do some of the work for you. One such service is Article Marketer.

Article Marketer will distribute your article to thousands of web sites and blogs so your own dating service gets more exposure and more links pointing towards it. The service is completely free, but you can upgrade to get your articles distributed to a wider range of web sites. This service is just $20 a month for as many articles as you can write.

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