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E-mail Etiquette

Politeness costs nothing

When communicating online, e-mail etiquette is a must for getting the best response from anyone. This is the same when using an instant messenger service. You have to be cool, and not push too hard, and be interesting at the same time.

Questions questions

Even though you have just started to contact someone don't throw a continual barrage of questions at them. Ask a few and mix it up with information about yourself. This is the time when most singles start turning a potential date off.

The more information you tell them about yourself the more you will get back. It's all about communicating. Everyone enjoys talking about themselves but they won't enjoy continually answering questions about themselves. You have to make yourself look interesting as well. If you fail to do this then the relationship won't even get started.

Open ended questions

Open ended questions are great conversation starters. You can get a variety of answers that could change the direction of the conversation at any time. For example...

"I see you live in the city. What's the night life like there?"

Instead of just "Do you like going out to bars?"

Get plenty of questions ready before you start communicating with another single. The more interesting they find the questions the better. And the more conversation you can create from the answers will make everything run smoothly.

Always listen

Always listening can help the flow of the conversation. If the open ended question is answered with a reply that can lead into another question then ask it. This shows you're paying attention and keeps the conversation interesting.

Find common ground

Looking for ways to find common ground is good as well. It might be a place you have both been to or a hobby you have both participated in.

Never judge

If you ask a particular question, never judge the person on their answer. You are inquiring about them and getting to know them. You are building an image with their answers so don't let anything cloud your judgment of them.

Getting personal

If you think your conversing has got to the point to start getting a bit more personal, give something away first before you ask. This will make them feel easier about giving away their information.

Don't put them on the defensive

Don't start conversations that will put your prospective date on the defensive. Leave things like religion and politics out of the conversations for a while.


Honesty is definitely the best policy when using messenger and e-mail etiquette. Stay honest right from the start and you can't get caught out on anything later. This also goes back to when you create your profile as well.

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