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Easyflirt UK

Easyflirt Uk is part of the ever increasing Easyflirt network of online dating services. They now have 9 million members worldwide looking for love and friendship. This network of dating web sites have approximately 80,000 new members joining every week.

Free trial

Your free trial takes you about 5 minutes to set up, and then you can start getting contacted by other UK singles instantly. If you spend a bit longer on your profile making it as best as possible you will have a much better chance of being contacted by other UK singles during your trial period.

You get check boxes to describe yourself, and describe your ideal partner. These range from eye colour to star sign. You're offered the option of writing a short message about yourself to help entice other UK singles to click on your profile.

Free Points

When you first set up your account at this UK online dating service you will get some free points you can use for the services provided by Easyflirt UK. The more information you fill your profile in with the more points you get to give this internet dating web site a good test first.

You can then see if this dating service offers you enough singles to choose from in your area.

Once you have used up your points, and you're still unsure about using this dating service you can purchase a 24 hour subscription for 3 euros.

Searching profiles at Easyflirt UK

You can use the search features during your free trial. Your choices to create your ideal date are...

  • Eye colour
  • Hair colour
  • Star sign
  • Profession

You can also choose members that are online the same time you are. And you can order your search by...

  • Date of registration
  • When they was last logged in
  • Their popularity

Easyflirt subscription

When you subscribe to Easyflirt you then get unlimited use of all the benefits you have had a trial with during your trial period. These include...

  • Unlimited use of the chat facility
  • You can write an unlimited amount of messages
  • Your messages can be 10 times longer
  • Unlimited written messages consultation
  • Unlimited profile consultation
  • Priority validation of profile
  • Access to customer service


Easyflirt Uk is well worth setting up a free trial with. It's a popular online dating service worldwide so if you're looking for friends as well as lovers you get a large database to choose from.

Create you UK Easyflirt profile here.

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