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Ebony Matchmaker


Ebony Matchmaker is the black online dating web site owned by the Matchmaker network of successful online dating services.

Your trial period

You are given a 1 week trial that costs you nothing. This entitles you to see how this Black online dating service works while meeting other black singles.

You will also be entitled to use 100 e-mails during your trial period. As well as send instant messages.

When you receive instant messages the name of the sender appears in your instant message "session list".

Your profile

You can post your member profile straight away which includes a photo and a voice message. You are given an anonymous e-mail address and can search other singles profiles.

Two way Matching

Ebony Matchmaker has a two way matching system where it will match you with other black singles.

Your results are based on your questionnaire. This is fairly lengthy but will make you more compatible with the other singles.

It is calculated on a percentage bases from your questionnaire answers. So the more accurate you fill this in the better it will be for you

The benefits of this are getting a handful of eligible Black singles instantly saving you time searching through hundreds of profiles by hand.

Giving you more time in the chat rooms or sending some instant messages.

Who's online?

Matchmakers "who's On" is a compiled list of current online singles. This can be sorted in a number of categories.

These include...

  • Gender
  • Geographical distance from yourself
  • The current page they are viewing
  • Their time online

Matchmaker Events

Matchmaker online dating web sites host a massive amount of events covering all their communities.

These are scheduled at 2 per week at an arranged time and location within your area. This will give you an instant chance to meet the singles you have been chatting to.

Saving you the trouble of arranging a place to go on a date.

News updates

Their news section gives you the latest information on

This includes...

  • Site updates
  • Tips and tricks for a better response from other singles.

Ebony Matchmaker has a 1 week trial so you have nothing to lose, and everything to gain.

Click here to start connecting with black singles today.

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