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Edinburgh Speed Dating

Edinburgh Speed dating is just like a good night out only you'll meet up to 20 eligible Edinburgh singles. Get ahead of your competition with some friendly advice below.

Speed dating in Edinburgh reviewed.

Anything that will give you an edge will be worth it. It's a fast, fun night out with not a lot of room for any hesitation.

How you look

If you impress your dates as soon as you walk through the doors you'll score early points. With a complimentary drink, and some introductions all the singles will be checking each other before the Edinburgh speed dating begins.

Be relaxed

Try and be relaxed as possible during your speed dating. Getting nervous will only throw your concentration. You only have 3 minutes to find out if it is worth meeting your date again so every second will count.

It will probably be the first speed dating event for most of the singles there so everyone might be a little edgy. After you've warmed up with a couple of dates you will be ok. With up to 20 dates the early ones can be practice runs so your confidence can grow as you move round the tables.

The conversation

The key to a successful date will be the conversation. Keeping it flowing is the most important thing to do. Any pauses will waste a lot of time with only 3 minutes to get to know them a little.

Having your questions ready before you go to the Edinburgh speed dating event will help you out. Any pauses trying to think of something to ask will not be in your favor. Let them be the one who stumbles then your confidence will grow, and so will your success rate.

Don't drink too much

You'll get a complimentary drink as you walk through the door so another one on top of this should be enough. No one wins affection if they're sitting their slurring their words while speed dating.

Being relaxed at an Edinburgh speed dating event is good, but drinking so much that it effects your performance isn't.

Enjoy yourself

Saying that though you must enjoy your night out. If you're enjoying yourself the singles you're dating will as well. This will just make you more attractive to them so it will increase your success rate. The more dates you get afterwards the better choice you will have.

Contacting your matches

You'll find out about your speed dating matches the day after. Try and contact the ones that you like the best first, and get that second date before anyone else does.

Good luck with your speed dating in Manchester

With 20 dates in one night your Edinburgh speed dating will be a success either way. If it's your first time you'll definitely gain some experience, and it's a lot better than a regular night out looking for dates.

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