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How do I date online?

First and foremost you must join an online dating agency. All of them offer at least a seven day trial period costing you nothing. Make the most of these trial periods by joining at least a couple of online dating services.

This will give some experience plus you will find you get on better with one more than you do another.

Is online dating safe?

Of course it is. After reading all the online dating tips and advice. You will find that it is a lot safer than meeting someone you don't know at a bar or club.

Always use caution and some common sense. There's many things in life that are dangerous if you don't prepare yourself.

Why choose online dating?

With thousands of new singles posting their profiles online everyday. This gives you a much better chance of meeting the person of your dreams. Rather than bumping into them while out at a bar or club.

Also you will have the advantage of getting to know someone before you actually meet them.

Isn't it expensive?

Not at all. With one months subscription generally costing less than one dinner date it works out very under priced. You will be looking at paying between $10 and $30 a month.

This also depends on what type of service you want.

Most online dating agencies offer 3, 6 and 12 month packages that will bring the monthly charge down a lot in price.

Does online dating work?

Thousands of singles have met their perfect partner online and gone on to get married.

These singles would never have met in the real world so it has been a life changing experience for them.

Where do I find the best dating agencies?

All the online dating agencies reviewed on this site are the most popular and user friendly on the internet at the moment.

Only you will find out which one is the best for you by taking full advantage of the trial periods that cost nothing.

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