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The best things in life are free. Online dating services unfortunately don't comply with that mis guided rule.

What to expect at free online dating services

Free online dating service are filled with singles that are out for a free ride. It's just like one big chat room. The problem is, what you find lurking in that chat room. Because the services are free you find that they are very popular, and this popularity makes it hard for the owners of the web sites to keep an eye on who's using the service.

Unlike an online dating service where you pay for your membership a free service just doesn't have the staff members to cope with everything.

International scammers

You're more likely to meet international scammer at a free internet dating service because they can contact people all day without it costing them a dime. That's how they make their living.


Free online dating services earn their revenue through their adverts. So with this in mind they would rather have you clicking on the ads rather than meeting someone.

What genuine online daters are looking for

If you're a single man and you don't pay for an online dating membership how can you expect a single woman think that you can afford to take her on a date. All the single men that are successful at online dating pay their $20 a month ( less than one night out ) and email as many women as they can. This is how they're getting on dates.

Single women join the paid online dating services for this reason. Paying for your membership sorts the wheat from the chaff.

It is your time

At the end of the day it's your time and money you have to waste.

What ever you decide to do, good luck with your online dating, and I hope you meet someone special, you deserve to.

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