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Gay Matchmaker

Gay Matchmaker is a Gay online dating web site with a huge database of Gay singles.

Your trial

You get a 1 week trial period at no cost to you. This allows you to test how the Gay online dating web site works, and meet other gay singles.

With your trial you are allowed to...

  • Send 100 e-mail messages
  • Use an anonymous e-mail address
  • Use the instant messaging facility
  • Use the chat rooms ( providing you upload a photo on your profile )

  • Have unlimited searches.

Your "Session list" will give you the name of the single who has sent you an instant message.

Once you have upgraded Gay Matchmaker will give you unlimited e-mails, unlimited friends and use the chat feature ( unless you have already posted a photo ).

Two Way Matching

This Gay online dating web site gives you a lengthy questionnaire to fill out for your profile.

This comes into its own with their "Two way matching" service.

The Gay Matchmaker matching service works on a percentage score of your questionnaire answers. Matching you as close as possible with other Gay singles.

So the more detailed you answer your questionnaire the more accurate your match will be.

You can also add a voice message to your profile. Anything extra you can add to your profile will enhance your chance of getting the click on you.

Searching the personals

The online dating services search tool will allow you to get a list of gay singles up quickly based on your search criteria.

Some of the options are...

  • Age
  • Community
  • Location

With the advanced search giving you many more options. This will narrow your search down with the finest of details like eye color.

Browsing the personals

To browse the Gay personal ads you just type the members name in the field and click on the browse button.

You can view the full profile of the Gay single here.

You will also get the option to...

  • Make a diary note
  • Add them to your friends list
  • Send them an e-mail.

Gay Matchmaker allows you to put a Note to self on other singles names. This is to remind you when you you next login of what attracted you to them.

Saving you time when you browse the personals at a later date


The "wink" feature is a nice little touch to this Gay online dating web site. This is a subtle form of communication just to let them know you are interested.

The member you have sent the wink to will see it when they see your name while browsing.

The e-mail system is simple enough. You send the e-mail to the Gay single, and then they will see you have sent the mail when they next login.

The instant messenger tool will allow you to communicate one on one with another member. Notification that someone has sent you an instant message is shown by their name appearing in your instant message session list.

You can click on the members profile before you respond to their instant message.

Chat rooms

This Gay online dating web site has a chat room facility that is easy to use with no extra software needed. Your mouse will do most of the work leaving the keyboard for the chatting only.

Everyone is in the same Gay chat room at first. You can then move to a different location.

You just click on the city you want to go to then you will be taken to that chat room. Only the singles in the same channel and chat room will see your text.

Who's On

The "who's on" feature is extremely useful. It tells who's online and where they are on the server.

With Gay Matchmaker being part of the Matchmaker family you know you are getting quality and popularity. With your trial period at this Gay online dating web site allowing you to communicate with other singles at no cost ( with photo uploaded ) you can't go wrong.

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