How Long For Probiotics To Start Working

How long for probiotics to start working? That would depend on the quality of the probiotics you’re taking, and what it is that you’re expecting to happen. If you want them to cure your yeast infection then they are going to have a difficult time doing it on their own if they are of poor quality. You have too much yeast and fungus in your body, and the friendly bacteria in the probiotics supplement you’re taking has go to fight it all off , and if your supplement is only supplying a few bacteria every day then not a lot is going to happen.

If you’re suffering from a yeast infection caused by antibiotics then your body is very low in friendly bacteria. So if you’re relying on just any probiotics to cure your infection then you keep taking them for a very long time. You must get billions of bacteria into your body every day for them to be effective, and they must be alive when they get past your stomach acid. The acid in your stomach doesn’t just help you digest your food, it kills bacteria as well.

The quality of your probiotics

The quality of the supplement you’re using is going to make a massive difference. If you’re using something you purchased in your local health food store for a few dollars then you’re going to need to take the whole lot every day. You’re going to get a product of poor quality that has had no research involved in its creation. They just make the product and most of the bacteria in it is probably already dead before you even take it. Then your stomach acid will finish most of the rest of it off. What actually gets to the places you need the most is not going to do anything. All that will happen is the yeast and fungus will over power it.


ImmunoXcell is a probiotic that gets 10 billion live bacteria into your intestines where it is needed. A probiotic like this is created to do the job you need it to do. It has been created to get past your stomach acid which is where most other probiotics fail. You can read more information about this probiotic at ImmunoXcell. Once you get something of quality in your body you will notice the difference.

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