UTi Won’t Go Away

If you’re UTI won’t go away, and it is giving you more trouble than you expected, there are some probable causes for this too happen. Even though your infection appears to have you beaten, that could not be further from the truth. You do not have to suffer any longer than today with your burning urination and your nighttime urination.

Antibiotics not working

If your antibiotics are not curing your infection then you must go back and see your doctor if you plan on punishing your body with more courses of this anti bacterial drug. One reason they’re not working is you could be using the wong type. If you’ve purchased your antibiotics from an offshore company on the web then you could be using anything. Just because they said on their site that these antibiotics cure urinary tract infections, they might not be the right ones for you.

Only your doctor will know what antibiotics you need to use as the antibiotics you’ve taken in the past will influence their decision. You can’t use just any because they might not have the desired affect on your infection.

You’re not treating your infection

Some women go online to find out why their UTI won’t go away, and they are not even treating it. They’re just going about their usual daily routine expecting their infection to just disappear. If this is you then you need to start treating your infection as soon as possible. You have E coli in your urinary tract, and if you leave it there it will work its way to your kidneys where it could make you seriously ill. You need to eliminate the bacteria from your urinary tract as soon as possible. 10 million women don’t get prescribed antibiotics for urinary tract infectisn every year for an infection that doesn’t need treatment.

What you can do

You have two choices now. You can gpo back to your doctor and get some antibiotics, or you can use a natural UTI remedy. Antibiotics are going to take you at least 3 days to cure your infection. If you’ve already been trying to cure your bladder infection with multiple courses of antibiotics then it’s probably going to take you a lot longer than 3 days.

You can also use a natural UTI remedy that could have you fully cured within the next 12 hours. Mary Jo Barton has created the 12 UTI Remedy that has been used by thousands of women worldwide. You can soon be infection free, and able to get a full nights sleep without the need to keep getting up and going to the bathroom.

You can read more information about how you’re going to be fully cured within the next 12 hours at 12 Hour UTI Remedy.

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