Yeast Infection After Antibiotics

If you’re suffering from a yeast infection caused by antibiotics that’s because the antibiotics have destroyed your body’s natural defenses. These natural defenses have been protecting you all your life against the Candida yeast that lives in your body. Now they have been destroyed the yeast is now mutating into fungus, and that fungus is feeding on your body. The itching you’re now suffering from is caused by the fungus feeding on the skin cells in your vagina. You also have fungus feeding in your digestive tract, but this is not as obvious.

Taking anti fungal drugs

Most women that get a yeast infection after taking antibiotics start taking anti fungal drugs to cure their infection. The problem with this type of treatment is the fact that anti fungal drugs don’t repair the damage to your natural defenses that have been cause by the antibiotics. So when you kill the fungus, the yeast in your body will still mutate into more fungus because your body will still not be able to keep it under control.

Your body’s bacterial balance

Your body has a bacterial balance that has been upset by the antibiotics. The friendly bacteria that has been looking after you has been killed off, and you need to get it back in your body as quickly as possible so it can start taking control of the fungus again. Once it does this the yeast will no longer mutate into fungus, and then your infections will disappear. Your health will be back to the way it once was, and in some cases, better. The antibiotics have shown you that you had too much yeast in your body, and they have tipped the balance in their favor. If you had a healthy balance of bacteria in your body then the antibiotics would not have caused a yeast infection.


Candidol is a supplement that promotes a healthy bacterial balance in your body so that you get relief from the fungal overgrowth you’re experiencing. If you tried to get the balance back on your own it could take months, and some women go on to suffer from yeast infections for years until they learn how to re-balance their body.

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