Yeast Infection Won’t Go Away

If your yeast infection won’t go away then there is a good reason for that. The treatment you’re using at the moment is not treating the cause of your infection, it’s only treating the symptoms. Just killing the fungus is not good enough for some sufferers especially if they have it feeding in their intestines as well. So in order to cure your infection you need to cleanse your whole body of the yeast and fungus so your natural defenses can get strong again.

The bacterial balance in your body

You have a bacterial balance in your body that is now unbalanced and it is in favor of the yeast. So the yeast can get stronger, and then it is mutating into fungus. When you kill the fungus, the yeast in your body is just mutating again and causing a new infection because your body has lost the ability to keep it under control.

To successfully cure your infection you must give your body the strength to keep the Candida yeast under control so it can no longer mutate into fungus. Once you do this you’ll be free of your infections for good.

Drug resistant yeast infection

If you carry on using anti fungal drugs on your infection and it keeps coming back then you’re just going to create a drug resistant infection that become very difficult to cure. You’ll continually be going to your doctor to get prescription drugs that are more powerful than the last ones you used. And they will give you the same results because the yeast in your body will still be able to mutate into fungus once the course of treatment stops.

What you’ll also find with continual drug use is that it upsets the chemical balance in your body. They are very acidic in nature and this creates an environment in your body that favors the yeast and fungus. When you change over to a natural cure you’re going to start alkalizing your body, and then it will favor the good bacteria in your body so they can grow in numbers and get strong again.

Candidol natural yeast cure

Candidol is a natural yeast infection cure that treats your infection from the root cause. It re-balances the bacteria in your body so that the good bacteria gets the power back. If the friendly bacteria in your body continues to be overpowered by the yeast then your infection will keep on coming back for years. This is not what you want to happen. You need to get the fungus out of your body, and you need to get the yeast under control. Then you’ll be infection free, and your internal health will be strong again.

Your itchy vagina is just one symptoms of your infection because you have yeast and fungus in your whole body, and it needs to be eliminated.

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