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IWantU Alt

Iwantu alt is an adult online dating service with an alternative section for Lesbian singles. With the adult theme it provides, it for the more adventurous type of online single.

Your Trial

With a your basic membership you will be browsing the Lesbian personal ads in no time. This comes at no cost to you.

You can also...

  • Chat with other singles
  • Get advice from Aphrodite the Goddess of love
  • Play games and more.

VIP Membership

Once you are a VIP member you will have unlimited access all the existing and future functions of the IWantU Alt Lesbian online dating web site.

This includes...

  • Chat rooms
  • Games
  • Aphrodite's love advice
  • Matchmaking and much more.

There is also a support chat room for Lesbian singles to use in real time. An extra feature very rarely seen.

Chat Rooms

Communication is performed through their IWU Communication Center. Your one stop spot providing...

  • Chat rooms
  • Messaging
  • Your very own private mailbox
  • Live web cam shows.

IWantU Alt have utilized these features making it easier for you to get to know other lesbian singles.

Phone Calls

You can also talk to other singles over the phone without giving your phone number away. This is achieved with their Private Call service.

This utilizes state of the art automated phone technology which is another excellent feature.

SMS Technology

With SMS technology IWantU bring the power of their Lesbian online dating web site to your Cell phone.

With your Cell phone you can...

  • Search profiles
  • Modify your own profile
  • Read and send instant messages

If you have a GPS enabled phone you can even be alerted when someone on your hot list is in your area. With all this server technology the possibilities are endless.

With the basic membership IWantU Alt is a Lesbian dating site that's a tempting prospect to tryout. With its adult theme who knows what the future holds for you.

Start meeting Lesbian singles today at IWantUAlt. Free trial.

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