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LDS Matchmaker

LDS Matchmaker is part of the Matchmaker network so you know it's going to give you quality and popularity.

Your trial period

You instantly get one weeks trial on signup so you can see if you get on with this LDS online dating web site.

This gives you to...

With a large database of LDS singles you should have no trouble in finding a partner or a good conversation.

You can record a voice greeting as well to give other singles a chance to here you. This is a nice feature that will get someone to click on your profile.

Searching the personals

LDS Matchmaker's searches can be a one click search where you will get fast results. More than you will need.

Or you have the advanced search at this LDS online dating web site. This will fine tune your search results. Your criteria can be as detailed as eye color.

A list of multiple choice questions will determine how detailed you want this search to be. Leaving any questions blank will remove them from the search.

Note to self

The "Note to self" feature is a nice touch.

While browsing the LDS personals ads you can place a note on their name. This is to remind you why you like them when you next login.

Two Way Matching Service

The "Two Way Matching" is based on a percentage from your profile questionnaire. The more information you enter the more accurate the match will be.

LDS chat rooms

The LDS chat rooms are easy to use. Your mouse will be used for the commands and your keyboard the chatting.

All the singles are in the same LDS chat room at first. Then if want to chat more privately you simply take your conversation to another city location.

Instant Messages

LDS Matchmaker has an Instant Messenger service. You can chat one on one with other LDS singles.

When another member has sent you an instant message their name will appear in your instant message session list. You can then view their profile before replying.

Who's On

The "Who's on" function allows you to see other LDS singles that are logged in. You can see where they are on the web site as well .

With a one week trial at this LDS online dating web site, and a large database of LDS singles you have nothing to lose at LDS Matchmaker.