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Leicester Speed Dating

Does dating 20 Leicester singles in one evening sound exciting?

Welcome to Leicester speed dating.

Speed dating events are the specialty of the hosts below. They will make sure your evening of rapid romance, and meeting Leicester singles will be enjoyable, as it will be rewarding.

Xfactor Dates

Xfactor Dates host parties at...

The Terrace

This venue is one of Leicester's trendiest and busiest bars. Contemporary in style, as well as being spacious and funky.

Location - 1 Albion Street Leicester.

Xfactor Dates provide you with a great venue for their Speed dating events in Leicester... Xfactor Dates review

Slow Dating

Slow Dating host their parties at...

Original Four

This bar has three floors all with their own unique style. It has been chosen because it is perfect for one on one dates, and you will have quite a few of them.

Location - 2 King Street Leicester .

Slow Dating hire out the top floor VIP area for your Speed dating events in Leicester ... Slow Dating review

Speed dating in Leicester offers you the chance to meet up to 20 Leicester UK dating singles in one night of fun filled non-stop dating. Preparing yourself for your speed dating event will make it more rewarding by giving you a better chance of getting to your second date with someone.

The speed dating tips below will give you a slight edge over your competition even though there are plenty of singles to go around. The more of them you impress the better choice you will have of who to go on the second date with.

How you look for your Leicester speed dating party

As soon as you're all introduced to each other by the speed dating hosts you'll all be checking each other out. The first thing that will stand out at this point is the way you look.

Everyone will be smart because of the bars that are chosen for Leicester speed dating events have a fairly strict dress code. You just need to be the smartest one there so you'll get the most attention. This includes your personal hygiene as well like hands and hair. These little things can spoil a good look when you're sitting opposite another Leicester single.

Relax yourself and be confident

When you're relaxed and confident your whole image will come across better, and you'll attract more singles that you're sitting opposite. You will also react better to your questioning, and your questions will flow a lot easier. You'll be far more attractive to the Leicester single on the other side of the table when you're relaxed.

Don't drink too much

Drinking too much will hamper your performance. You get a complimentary drink as you walk in the venue so one or two more will be enough.

When a single is slurring their questions it doesn't arouse anything in anyone. You'll have plenty of time once the speed dating has finished to have a drink.

Your Leicester speed dating conversations

You're confidence will allow you to control the conversation a lot more. Have your questions ready before you go to the speed dating event, and you won't have to think about what to ask. It will just be when to ask it.

Singles have a lot more success with open ended questions. These lead into other questions far easier with the answers you get. Try and stay away from questions that just require a yes or no answer. These can spoil the flow of your questions. If you need to ask them just use them for a bit more info from a previous question.

Having your questions under control will be in your favor, especially if the last single they spoke to was thinking too much about what to ask.

Enjoy yourself

It will be hard not to enjoy yourself during your speed dating in Leicester. If it's your first event you're in for a good time. When do you get the chance for 20 dates in one night?

Contacting your matches

After your speed dating in Leicester has finished you let the event host know who you would like to see again. You usually find out the next morning who you have matched up with, and this is when you need to contact them. That way you can start arranging a second date with them before anyone else does.

Good luck with your speed dating in leicester

Leicester Speed dating is a lot of fun, and can be very rewarding when you're prepared. Good luck with getting your date.

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