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Manchester Speed Dating

Would you like to date 20 Manchester singles in one night?

Welcome to Manchester Speed Dating.

As professional as they are popular, the Speed dating event hosts below know how to throw a party. Meet quite a few Manchester singles in an evening of high octane romance.

Xfactor Dates

Xfactor Dates host parties at...

The Grinch

A local wine bar, popular, and busy most of the time. This is a venue that is intimate in nature, and perfect for an Xfactor dates Speed dating event.

It's located in the city center, and has just celebrated it's tenth anniversary .

Location - 5-7 Chapel Walks Manchester.


This is Xfactor dates venue for their Gay Speed dating parties in Manchester. Newly refurbished, it has a comfortable, and very cozy atmosphere.

Location - 40 Chorlton Street Corner of Chorlton St & CANAL STREET.

Two great bars to enjoy your Speed dating events in Manchester with Xfactor Dates... Xfactor Dates review

Slow Dating

Slow Dating host their parties at...

Tiger Tiger

This bar has just the right atmosphere for a Manchester speed dating party. With its low level lighting and comfortable seating, it has had plenty of good feedback from previous Speed dating party guests.

Location - The Printworks Withy Grove Manchester.

Slow Dating have exclusive use of the Loft area for their event at Tiger Tiger... Slow Dating review

Manchester speed dating is an excellent way to spend a night out dating 20 eligible Manchester dating singles. The advice below will help you prepare yourself for a night out.

You've not only got to impress your Manchester dates, but you have to impress them more than the other Manchester singles they're going to speed date with.

How you look when you're speed dating in Manchester

Dress to impress on the night of your speed dating party. Everyone gets introduced to each other before the speed dating event starts, so if you're the best dressed you will score points straight away. Everyone will be checking all the other Manchester singles out, so this is the time to create some thoughts inside their minds.

Brush your teeth, wash your hair and wash your hands. It might sound like the obvious bit of advice, but some speed daters still forget one little thing while they're thinking about the night in hand. They get what they're going to say and do just right, and then forget something like their hair or nails. This can ruin everything that was planned. You just need the other Manchester singles to make the mistakes.

Be relaxed with the other speed daters

The more relaxed you are the more you will enjoy your night of Manchester speed dating. You'll also stay more focused on the job in hand. You won't start stumbling over your questions and answers either.

The more relaxed you are the more attractive you'll look to your dates. Your confidence will be a turn on for the Manchester singles on the other side of the table during a night of 3 minute dating.

You will be given a complimentary drink on your arrival so if you do get a bit of stage fright that should calm you down a bit.

Your 3 minute conversations

3 Minutes isn't long to get to know someone that well so you're conversation with them is important. Keeping it flowing will give you an advantage over the rest of the single's dates.

Have your questions in your mind before you go to the speed dating event. This will save any pausing during your 3 minutes of dating which could get embarrassing.

Ask open ended questions as these are easier to bounce off of with other questions. Questions with one word answers can stop a conversation dead, and that is something you don't want to happen.

Don't drink so that you're drunk

Try and limit your drinking at least while the dating is going on. Slurring your words will not impress any of your dates. You should get a chance for a drink after your speed dating in Manchester has finished.

With your drink you get when you walk through the door you should only need one more at the most. Otherwise you'll end up getting a taste for it, and your dating will suffer.

Enjoy yourself with the Manchester singles

The one thing you should do on the night is enjoy yourself. If it's your first time manchester speed dating it will be an experience for you. If your evening of speed dating is a success it might be your last event.

Contacting your matches

You should find out if you have matched with anyone the next morning. This is the time to contact anyone you would like to see again. If they've had a few singles match up with them it's good to get in first, and start organizing your next date.

Good luck with your Manchester speed dating

Your speed dating in manchester will go a lot smoother for you if you're prepared. Apart from that you'll just need to be in the right place at the right time. Good luck.

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