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Orange County Speed Dating

Fire more arrows, and get a better chance of hitting the target.

Welcome to Orange County Speed Dating.

Speed dating will give you a much better chance of meeting someone. You get the opportunity to have 25 dates in one evening. If this doesn't help you get a date, nothing will.

With Orange County singles surrounding you all evening. You'll be in heaven. If you've never experienced speed dating before you're in for a pleasant surprise.

Hurry Date

Hurry Date hold parties at...

Your Orange County speed dating party hosted by Hurry Date will have you on a dating mission. Join the other fun loving, and friendly singles for an evening of impulsive dating... Hurry Date review

If you would like a little more time spent with your dates when you're speed dating, then you can try...

8 Minute Dating

8 Minute Dating host parties at...

Date 8 excited Orange County singles in one evening. These dates last 8 minutes each, with an intermission at half time. Use this intermission to meet other singles that you are not dating, and make the most of your night out.

You'll even get a guarantee that your night is a success. If you don't meet a single that you want to see again, 8 Minute Dating give you your next speed dating party at no charge to you... 8 Minute Dating review

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