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Orlando Speed Dating

Do you need more than one date in an evening?

Welcome to Orlando Speed Dating.

Meet a load of excited Orlando singles in one evening.

With anything up to 25 dates, your going to need stamina. Below are two of the most popular speed dating party hosts in Orlando at the moment. You will have a very good chance of meeting another Orlando single that you will want to see again.

Hurry Date

Orlando speed dating

Hurry Date host parties at...

Enjoy 25 dates lasting 3 minutes each at a Hurry Date speed dating party. Meeting all those Orlando singles in one night you are bound to want to see one of them again... Hurry Date review

Orlando speed dating tips

Orlando speed dating gives you the opportunity to date up to 20 Orlando singles in one night. It's something most singles aren't used too so a little preparation won't hurt. Especially with so much competition.

Your advice below will help you get the attention of more Orlando singles during your speed dating in Orlando.

The way you look

The first thing any of the Orlando singles will notice is the way you look. Your clothes and your hair will be scrutinized straight away. Get these right and you'll be off to the perfect start.

The rest of the night is so much easier when you pass the early tests. With only a few minutes with each Orlando single there's not a lot of time to make up for any mistakes.

Look relaxed

Being relaxed, and looking confident will help you feel and look better. This will arouse something in the single across the table from you. They'll know your there for your speed dating in Orlando, and not just there for a night out.

Everything will be better for you when your relaxed. Your questions will come across better, and so will your answers.

Your communication

You only have a few minutes with each date so your conversations must flow all the time. Any pauses in that few minutes could ruin the date. Having your questions ready before you go will help you a lot. It will save you having to start thinking about what to ask.

Asking open ended questions always works best. These can lead into questions you were never going to ask.

Limit your drinking

Although you're going to have a good night out try and limit your drinking if you want your speed dating in Orlando to be a success. Being drunk on the other side of the table will never impress anyone. One or two before hand to calm any nerves is fine. There will be plenty of time when the speed dating stops for a drink.

Have fun

With so many dates in one night you will have a lot of fun during your speed dating. If it's your first time it will be an experience to remember.

Contacting your matches

You should find out who you have matched up with the following morning at the latest. This will be the best time to contact the Orlando singles you want to see again before anyone else does.

Good luck with your speed dating in Orlando

Your speed dating in Orlando will be more rewarding for you with a little preparation before you go. You never know what your future might hold.


8 Minute Dating

8 Minute Dating host parties at...

  • Gio Lounge - no link
  • And many more venues

Have 8 enjoyable dates, each of them lasting 8 minutes. After date number 4 you will get the chance to meet other Orlando singles in your intermission.

You can chat to the singles you won't be dating. You wouldn't want to miss the chance of a lifetime, would you?

8 Minute Dating will guarantee your evening as well. If you don't meet a single that you would love to see again, you get your next speed dating party at no cost to you... 8 Minute Dating review

online-dating-footer-bar Pre Dating's Pre Dating events are held at...'s Pre Dating also give you the option of Pre Dating in surrounding areas for your Orlando speed dating. These areas are...

  • Cocoa Beach
  • Daytona Beach
  • Gainesville
  • Ocala
  • Rockledge
  • Saint Petersburg
  • Tampa

Your night will be spent enjoying 12 - 16 dates lasting 6 minutes each... Pre dating review

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