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Portland Speed Dating

Do you need a different approach to your dating?

Welcome to Portland Speed Dating.

Speed dating is definitely an alternative form of dating. You'll get the chance to have an incredible 25 dates in one evening.

You will meet meet a bunch of enthusiastic Portland singles in one evening of quick fire fun-filled dates.

Hurry Date

Your Portland speed dating will consist of 25 dates lasting 3 minutes each at a Hurry Date party. Join the other portland singles for an evening of fun, and some rapid fire dating... Hurry Date review

8 Minute Dating

8 Minute Dating host parties at...

You'll get the satisfaction of dating 8 Portland singles in one evening, with each date lasting 8 minutes each.

An intermission after 4 dates will give you the chance to chat to some singles you won't be dating, but have caught your eye.

Your evening is guaranteed by 8 Minute Dating. They will give you your next evening of speed dating to you at no costto you if you don't meet someone you would like to see again... 8 Minute Dating review

If you don't think 8 minutes should be classed as Speed dating, then you can try...

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