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San Francisco Speed Dating

Looking for a date?

Welcome to San Francisco Speed Dating.

Join other Speed daters with the party hosts that are reviewed below. Get to know a numerous amount of San Francisco singles in one night.

If you're new to speed dating it's better than going out to a bar for the night. Your chances of meeting another single from San Francisco who wants to see you again are increased, and that can only be good, right?

You have...

Hurry Date

They host parties at...

You won't have chance to get bored for a minute at Hurry Date parties. They consist of 25 dates all lasting 3 minutes in duration. You'll have to be on your toes amidst all the hot excitement... Hurry Date review

If 3 minutes isn't enough for your San Francisco Speed dating you can try...

8 Minute Dating

8 Minute Dating host parties at...

Does 8 minutes sound more to your liking? If so 8 Minute Dating parties are the Speed dating gatherings you need. With 8 dates lasting 8 minutes each, plus an intermission to get to know more singles, these parties are lively.

Your guarantee is - if you don't find a San Francisco single you would like to see again, you get your next event at no cost to you... 8 Minute Dating review

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