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Set Up A Lesbian Dating Service

The time it takes to set up a lesbian Dating service is just a couple of days. You'll then a have a Lesbian online dating web site that will already have hundreds of thousands of members.

Once your site is set up you'll receive $30 per signup. So you can soon start getting some good earnings from a small second income.

Sign up first

All you need to do first is go here - Set Up A Lesbian Dating Web site. Once your there just fill in your details and give them your domain name for your new service. You can choose one first or you can choose one while your filling in your details.

When you first click on the link you'll see this box...

You'll want to choose option 2 so you get your $30 per sign up.

On the next page you'll fill in your details. The most important box is the "domain of dating site you want set up". You'll see it in the image below...

If you haven't got a domain to set up your lesbian dating service you can get one by clicking the small blue link under the box that is ringed. Once you have purchased your domain you'll need to point it to the nameservers..

This can be done from your domain control panel at Go Daddy or whoever you purchase your domain from.

Promoting your lesbian dating service

Once you've set up your dating web site you need to get traffic and links to your site. Two of the easiest way to do this are with article submissions and with the use of your site getting listed in directories.

Using articles

Using articles gets your new web site promoted and gets back links to your site. Writing articles also makes you look like an expert in your field so people will want to visit your site.

An excellent article submission service is Article Marketer. When you submit your article to them they will submit it to thousands of blogs and article directories so your name gets spread all over the internet.

Directory submissions

Submitting your new lesbian dating web site to directories will bring you in more traffic, and get more links pointing to your site.

Submitting your site manually can take a long time or you can get a service to do it for you. They will submit your sit to hundreds or thousands of directories depending on how many you want to submit to.

An excellent service for directory submissions is Submit edge.

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