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Sex On The First Date

by Tomas N. Anderson

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Lady Doctor's Research Reveals That Women Are Horny Creatures Yes, that's right according to Dr. Paige Padgett of the University of Texas' School of Public Health, 1 in 3 women who date online get busy on the 1st date. Padgett's 2007 study was published the highly regarded journal, "Research & Social Policy, which is a journal affiliated with National Sexuality Research Center.

The research study focused on the dating habits of 740 women who had placed online dating profiles seeking men. The results were groundbreaking. Dr. Padgett discovered that 33% of the women had sex on the 1st date. And that 77% of those women who had sex didn't use condoms.

Virtual Intimacy Theory The good Doctor Padgett didn't merely conclude that these women were slutty. However, she did find that women who would otherwise be very careful did have unprotected sex because they were lulled into a false sense of virtual intimacy by men.

Dr. Padgett reasoned that the "virtual intimacy" was created by the disclosure and exchange of personal information through frequent e-mail and telephone calls. The women revealed information about their backgrounds, sexual preferences, and their likes and dislikes with the men they eventually slept with on their 1st date.

Dr. Padgett concludes it was the exchange of personal information that created "virtual intimacy". The women created a pseudo-relationship (whether or not one really existed) which resulted in sexual intimacy more quickly than usual. So What Does This Mean For Guys? The take home message for guys: Start Online Dating Now. It's cheaper than clubbing & bar hopping and you'll get laid more often on a 1st date, but definitely use condoms!

My Interpretation of Padgett & Her Study: She is overly Paternalistic in her conclusions. She paints women as prey and men as predators who trick women into feeling secure and fool women with so-called "virtual intimacy". BS!!

Using Common Sense and Logic to interpret Padgett's study reveals that she is wrong in her conclusions. Women know what they want: An attractive male that meets their dating criteria. They choose one or several from the many that email them. Then they question these candidates and weed out those who don't meet their dating criteria. For that successful candidate who doesn't disqualify himself: It's naked time!

If you really examine what's going on here, you'll realize that it's the women pressing the fast forward button on the sexual relationship. The women in the study (and all online women daters) want to learn as much about a potential mate as possible, whether by email or over the phone before meeting face-to-face.

Why? For one reason: to allow themselves to participate in naked time as soon as possible. When a woman finally convinces herself that a man meets her dating qualifications she will have sex with him. In Padgett's study, the women had decided after reading email and having telephone conversations that they would sleep with their dates on their first meeting because the man in question had met her qualifications or at least enough of them for sex! Using Padgett's Study To Your Advantage. In sum, women love sex just as much as you do. However, the most important piece of information that I've learned from my online dating experiences which is supported by Padgett's research: Women need to convince themselves that you meet their dating criteria and that you are a Quality Guy.

This is where so many guys shoot themselves in the foot. They think that they must have (1) money; (2) power; or (3) fame to succeed with women. Simply not true. Here's my secret that is backed up by Padgett's findings: To succeed in online dating the only thing you need to do is not disqualify yourself. Women have questions, yes. They have criteria, yes.

Yet, women only want you to respond to their questions and portray yourself in a frank manner in order that they can say to themselves, "Hey this man is available, seems normal, and he's mine." They will then grant themselves permission to have sex.

Adult Friendfinder online dating web site

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