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Speed Dating Reviews

Speed dating is fast becoming very popular. Even more so now it's organized online first.

With events in most major cities worldwide, you would be unlucky to not have a venue near you. And it beats going out to a bar for the night looking for available singles.

It's a great way to meet lots of different singles in one evening. You're given just enough time to see if there is that initial chemistry between you both.

Below you have reviews of the most popular services around at the moment.

Your deciding factor probably will be the venues. They both cover major cities so take a peak, and see if they can accommodate you.

Hurry Date Review

Hurry Date is a is a Speed Dating service, and online dating service combined. Which gives you the choice of both worlds...

Hurry Date's parties

Their parties are hosted in over 60 cities, from countries including...


Pre Dating Review's Pre Dating is a Speed dating service that host events in over 100 cities across the USA and Canada.

Pre Dating events

With up to 12 Pre dates lasting 6 minutes each, there isn't a more fun way to meet other busy single professionals... Pre dating review


8 Minute Dating

8 Minute Dating is the fast, fun, guaranteed way for singles to meet each other.

8 Minute Dating guarantee

If you don't see anyone you like on your night out 8 minute will let you go to your next event at no cost to you...
8 Minute Dating review

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