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Speed Dating UK

Speed dating UK could be for you if you...

  • Like going to bars
  • Are single
  • Would like to meet someone
  • Would like 20 dates in one night

If this sounds like you then speed dating will definitely offer you a good night out. Speed dating UK is happening now in every major city in the UK, and is getting more popular all the time.

Speed dating services like Xfactor Dates are the main reason for this increase in poularity, they get singles the results they're after. They have been in the business now a long time, and their staff know exactly how to throw a UK speed dating party.

They choose nice clubs and bars

Another reason for their success is the clubs and bars they choose. Once they find a good one you will find they stick to using it.

They know the places with the right atmosphere for speed dating UK events. They'll have the right tables and chairs where you can have your speed date in comfort. They'll have a nice bar, and generally be a top quality place to host a speed dating event.

The staff are great

As soon as you walk into a speed dating event you get a complimentary drink from one of Xfactor Date's staff. They'll introduce everyone, and start creating the right mood and atmosphere that gets everyone into it.

Of the 2 speed dating Uk event holders below Xfactor Dates definitely have more popularity which leads to many more events in more cities.

Xfactor Dates

Xfactor Dates is a Speed Dating service that host events where you get to date up to 20 like minded UK singles. If you're going as a group of friends when you buy 4 tickets together you get one free.

Xfactor Dates events

Xfactor Dates now host their events in over 30 areas covering the full length of the UK. These include... Xfactor Dates review

Slow Dating

You get to meet and date 20 - 25 enthusiastic singles at a Slow Dating Speed Dating party.

Slow Dating parties

Parties are held up and down the length of the UK at carefully selected venues. The cities included are... Slow Dating review

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