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Toronto Dating Service

For the right Toronto dating service you need the right Canadian dating service. You want the chance of meeting as many Toronto singles as you can.

Canadian dating services give you the opportunity to meet thousands of singles in your area. Toronto online dating is getting bigger all the time so your chances of meeting a Toronto single will continue to grow.

Below are the most popular and user friendly Canadian online dating services. These are your gateway to meeting an eligible single.

Yahoo personals

Yahoo Personals will cater for all your Toronto dating service needs. Yahoo Personals has 9 million American and Canadian singles. With this many singles you will have no trouble finding singles living in Toronto.

Trial period

You get a 7 day trial period when you first create your profile. This is more than enough time to see how many Toronto singles are members. It also gives you plenty of time to make sure this is the Canadian dating service that you want to join.

You can create a voice or a video greeting to sell yourself. Make these as good as possible, and you will get more interaction during your trial period.

Yahoo Personals has a host of other benefits. You can read the Yahoo Personals review here.


Another service that is more than a Toronto dating service is Canadian This online dating service doesn't have the popularity of Yahoo personals but it caters specifically for Canadian singles.

Trial period

This Canadian online dating service also has a trial period. The difference with this one though is it lasts as long as you want it to. It just limits you on the features you can use until you upgrade your membership.

If you upload a profile that sells you well enough you should get the most out of your trial membership. The more you get out of this Canadian dating service during your trial period the more you will want to upgrade.

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