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Xfactor Dates Review

Xfactor Dates is a Speed Dating service that host events where you get to date up to 20 like minded singles.

Xfactor Dates events

They host their events in over 30 areas now across the UK. These include..

  • London
  • Brighton
  • Manchester
  • Birmingham
  • Leicester
  • And lots more

Xfactor Dates benefits

If you purchase 4 tickets for your event, you get a an extra ticket at no extra cost.

As soon as you enter the event you get a complimentary drink. You are welcomed by their Ice Breakers, who mingle with you to ensure everything is ok, and act as cupid for the evening.

The Speed dating

The Speed dating starts with singles sitting opposite their dates who have matching ID numbers.

Once the date has finished the women remain where they are seated, and the men move clockwise around the tables.

Xfactor Dates scorecard

While you are busy with your whirlwind dates you get to mark off whether you would like to see your date again on your scorecard.

There are regular breaks in between your Speed dating for you to get a drink at the bar, and mingle with the singles some more.

Once you are home

When you get home you can login to Xfactor Dates and enter your results and see what lucky singles you have matched with.

All of this is backed up with Xfactor's guarantee. If you fail to receive a match with any single, you get your next Speed dating event at no cost to you.

Xfactor Dates other events

Other events include...

  • Singles Parties
  • Singles Comedy Nights
  • Dogde Ball Dating

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